Wisdom exchange – our podcast

What is Wisdom Exchange?

Wisdom Exchange is a collection of stories about problem gambling—stories of strength and triumph, stories that share experience, stories that remind us of what’s important and encourage us to persevere.

Who can share their story?

Anyone who is affected by a gambling disorder. Whether you are experiencing problems gambling, are a loved one of a person experiencing problems with gambling or a professional working in the field. Your stories, your wisdom, and YOU are important.

Why should I share my story?

Your story will help people look beyond the statistics and provide a more personal picture of gambling disorder, the individuals who have been affected, their family members, and those working in the field to prevent, intervene and treat the disorder. By sharing your personal wisdom you will help to raise awareness and understanding of this issue and its impact.

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How can I share?

There are several ways to share your wisdom:

Private Interview

A facilitator will be on hand to manage the entire technical process, leaving you and your partner (a friend or family member of your choosing) to focus on the interview.

Dear John Letter

In the classic style of writing a letter to no one to discuss sensitive topics, this option is for those who are not comfortable with the interview process. You can either be recorded reading your story or opt to have someone else will read your wisdom to be recorded.

Once completed, you will receive a copy of your story on CD with your photo (the photo is optional). The Council will keep a copy to raise public awareness through trainings, outreach in the community and other Council materials.

Should one of these options not be comfortable for you, contact us to discuss other options at psherwood@maccg.org 


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